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Vote on Bills
By Trevor Brown | May 6, 2019
SHARETWEET[email=?subject=Donations%20to%20Lawmakers%20Keep%20Flowing%20Even%20As%20They%20Vote%20on%20Bills&body=The%20fight%20over%20Oklahoma%27s%20recently%20changed%20liquor%20distribution%20laws%20shows%20how%20] EMAIL[/email]PRINTMORE

Whitney Bryen / Oklahoma Watch
Oklahoma flags are seen waving in the wind outside of the State Capitol.[/size]

Tulsa liquor wholesaler Bryan Hendershot had a lot of money on the line when the Senate voted 34-11 to pass Senate Bill 608 on Monday.
The legislation, which passed the House earlier by a single vote, seeks to roll back a narrow part of 2016’s voter-approved alcohol-sales reforms by allowing top wine and spirit brands to be sold by all distributors in the state, instead of allowing manufacturers to decide who can sell their wine and spirits.
Without the change, Hendershot’s company, Boardwalk Distribution of Tulsa, stands to lose tens of millions of dollars each year.

That might explain why Hendershot has been busy pressing lawmakers on the bill, writing an opinion piece for a news site and working behind the scenes with his company’s four lobbyists to navigate the legislative process.
But with heated opposition from other liquor wholesalers, Hendershot turned to another tactic: He and his wife, Betsy, have given at least $95,200 in campaign contributions to 53 lawmakers – or more than one-third of the entire Legislature – since this year’s session began Feb. 4.

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